About Us

Bilingual (French & English) Creative Director with an emphasis on synethesia-based art & design.

Ever since I was old enough to pronounce “music,” I thought everyone could see colors in what they heard. I grew up content with the notion that it was normal, if not obvious, that A flat is orange, drums are 8-bit static, and “God’s Plan” by Drake is falling flowers with white boxes. I didn’t realize the uniqueness of what I saw or what a phenomenon it was until I asked my friends if they saw the same thing.


I never felt that I was different as an artist or musician until I saw their looks of confusion and wonder. It was then I realized how precious art and music is in communicating to the world what’s on your mind.


As a Filipino-American, I grew up between two countries, two cultures, and two languages. Communication is essential to being understood, yet being understood was something I never truly felt. I realize now that the greatest success I could achieve is to be understood and to be able to show others exactly what’s on my mind.


To that end I haven’t succeeded yet, and I think that’s the common burden all artists share— we can only come so close to bringing out what our mind sees, and only so many people will understand.


I’m thankful that art can communicate leagues more than any other language could.

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